Ivan Vargas Pro Part Video

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The Long Awaited part of Ivan Vargas for his Pro model Board is now up.  Our first ever pro in Australia, be sure to enoy the video.

Jak Tonge is now PRO !!!!!

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Ok before we go into this section please que the sound of trumpets !!

The Drawing Boards  is proud to announce ...

Jak Tonge is now Pro !!

Jak Tongue is Pro

Well overdue Jak Tonge is now Pro !! After years of consistently killing all terrain , doing demos accross the country and abroad and racking up the footage with ease (Check his Draw The Line bellow) . Portsmouth's finest has been repping the company for 5 years now and is Drawing Boards 1st ever pro . Yes Le Tonge !!!!

Draw The Line 2012

Skater : Jak Tonge

History : Jak took a pretty chilled approach to his part what with being a dad and all . Although he brought out the big guns when needed , especially his ender as that was basically the last time we would see him before the release . One man demo !!

Edited by : Liam Teague . Directed by : AD McEvoy

Jak Pro Deck

Now go grab his deck from your local skate shop that knows whats good !!

Draw The Line . Isaac Miller

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Skater : Isaac Miller

History : Isaac is a machine plain and simple . He either kills it or makes a rollie .. There's no real in between . Filming his part was pretty much that . Straight Killer !

Edited by : Liam Teague . Directed by : AD McEvoy

Draw The Line . Liam Teague

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Skater : Liam Teague

History : Teague worked himself to the core not only on editing the dvd but also producing this banging section . This may explain why he looks half asleep most of the time . Frontboard Churchill is one for the history books . Cheers fella !!!!!! 

Edited by : Liam Teague . Directed by : AD McEvoy

After watching this section you may feel a sudden urge for Leek and ham Quiche (just saying)

Draw The Line . Matt Hill

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Skater : Matt "Potter" Hill History : This part was pretty hard to finnish not because of the big mans ability , just because he spent a lot of time working laying floors . Potter is rad , just a shame he makes big things look small . Big up the tattooed bohemian !! 

Edited by : Liam Teague . Directed by : AD McEvoy

Draw The Line . Elliot Rowe

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Skater : Elliot Rowe
History : Elliot skates for fun and the minute he wasn't enjoying filming a trick he'd stop . Which as a filmer is pretty frustrating , as we know what he could do if he went balls deep . But as a human I think that's really how skating should be .

Thanks for letting us crash at ya house bud !!

Edited by : Liam Teague . Directed by : AD McEvoy

Skater : Dyllan VD Merwe
History : Dyl joined the team late and had to play catch up …Think he did a bloody good job . Big up the South African pop machine !!!

Edited by : Liam Teague . Directed by : AD McEvoy

Updates ..

Posted By AD McEvoy at 28/05/14 8:17 PM

There was a load of footage gathering dust .. So we thought we should share it with you before it went mouldy ..
Skateboarding by Luiz Flavio, Aaron Cooper, William Kitely. 
Filmed by Johny Mcleod, Aaron Cooper, Eligh Lecluse, Mason Nguyen and Tom Nealon.

Edited by Stuart Fogarty
Music - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - "Mystery Jack" - Float Along Fill Your Lungs
Locations: Brisbane, Perth.

Drawing Boards Demo at The Big Pineapple, Woombye.
Aaron Cooper, Matt 'Potter' Hill. ,Joel Wilshere
Film / Edit - Stuart Fogarty 
Music - Kingfisha - Looking Glass / Let you know. 
Thanks to all who attended the Big Pineapple music festival, Great vibes! Cheers.

Isaac Miller at the Level in Brighton England

Posted By AD McEvoy at 28/05/14 8:04 PM

Isaac actually worked for a few of these hammers !! Filmed by AD , Edited by Ed Hubert

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New Potions Decks Available Now!

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Potions Decks

The new Potions Decks have just been released. It's the cure for all your skateboard related illnesses! Check em out here.

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