New Potions Decks Available Now!

Posted By Dale at 10/03/14 11:12 AM

Potions Decks

The new Potions Decks have just been released. It's the cure for all your skateboard related illnesses! Check em out here.

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Ratty and mates steady skanking at Ormeau !

Posted By AD McEvoy at 8/03/14 12:42 AM

Check out Ratty and his mates skating the amazing new Ormeau Skatepark in Brisbane. Check Ratty's hardy at the end!

An afternoon at darlington park

Posted By AD McEvoy at 13/02/14 2:14 AM

Will Kitely chilling at Darlington Park .

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Site Launch!

Posted By Drawing Boards at 27/01/14 9:15 PM

Yep we are live !!!!

After much tooing a froeing we have a brand spanking new website we are stoked on ... Massive shout out to Dale Cleaton for piecing this beast together . Get hyped ... These 2 are ...

 Luiz and Ratty in a tree

You can also tell your local skateshop to order in these proddies such as these straight off the site ...

 Drawing Boards Decks

And the brand new potions deck ... This Should cure all your skateboard ailments ..

Potions Skateboard Deck

In the news ...

Loooong time Drawing Boards UK rider Mat "Potter" Hill has just moved down under to Australia and joined the Aussie team.

Mat Potter Hill

In proper Aussie style despite already having the nicknames Harry Potter, Hairy Porthole, Pothead and Pothole we can now add: Potsy, Potsy the Snowman, Potsy the Bush Kangaroo, and thanks to iPhones autocorrect ...... Potty.

Potsy the Bush Kangaroo keeps in the tradition of making big things look small by baskside flipping about 2 metres past the end of this triple set. Welcome to the Oz team!!!

Also stoked to have owner of the best name in skateboarding right now on the team ... Drawing Boards  proudly welcomes Brazilian Luiz Flavio to the Family . 

Words that spring to mind when describing his skating are .. Super focused skateboarder and Mad consistent machine . He also owns an extremely meaty backside flip. We don't like Luiz , oh no we love him !!  Check him out in 09 ...

Plenty more to come from Luiz for sure ...

Also as last year Plenty more Demos , Tours , Edits and new graphics and surprises planned for 2014 so stay tuned ...

Ivan Vargas Ollies kids at a demo

Enjoy our new site ..... Bring on 2014!!